Magento Advanced Episode 1 – Index.php … the beginning!

20 juin 2014 | 1 Comment

In the first series of tutorials I showed you how to develop a module on magento, you are now likely to know and build a module to know the minimum to develop Magento. Now it is time to go further in the operation of this wonderful e-commerce platform. This tutorial is the first in a [...]

Lesson 10 – Rewrite / Edit Controller Magento

26 septembre 2012 | 3 comments

This tutorial is the 10th in this series, if you have not already done it, i suggest you to read the tutorials starting with summary of this series . There’s a long time that i must write the leçcon 10, this day is finally arrived! The next months i just abandoned the blog, because I [...]

Security fails in old magento : your customer informations in danger

25 avril 2012 | No comments for the moment...

Today i’ve recieved a message from the french Magento community : Fragento. A bug has been finded this morning. There’s a security fails in the Magento community edition less than and the enterprise verion less than 1.6 With this, your client expose his firstname, lastname, civility, enteprise, phone number, fax, adress (street,postalcode, city, region, [...]

A Magento Store for 15$ by month ?

12 décembre 2011 | No comments for the moment...

// More documentation, no computer things to manage, but Magento as well ! How many clients come to me with an ecommerce project and a « small budget » wich not permit us to have an ecommerce website on magento. They then usually fall back on a freelance wich will do the minimum for cheap… ie install [...]

Event: Leweb in live streaming !

8 décembre 2011 | No comments for the moment...

In this moment it’s « LEWEB » « le web« , certainly one of the biggest event web of the year. you’ll find somes « little famous » speakers like : Karl Lagerfeld, Sean Parker, Eric Schmidt (Google), Axel Dauchez (Deezer)… To see the Conference Room in live, it’s here : Room 1 :

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