Create a magento plugin from the start to the end !

1 octobre 2011

Because it was dificul for me to find tutorials /how to/ developer’s guide (complete) … on the magento plugins developpement, i decided to create one !

We’ll see in all this tutorial how to create a complete magento module with database access, frontend interface and backend interface (using the magento Grid View).

Every single parts of this tutorial will contains one théorical part to understand how is working magento and one « practical » part which is the creation of the whole plugin step by step.

Are you ready ? so be strong ! magento (and e-commerce development in general) is far for being the easiest past of the web !

Summary :

Lesson 1 – Magento plugin’s structure

Lesson 2 – Create your own controller

Lesson 3 – Create a block

Lesson 4 – The Model and the database

Lesson 5 – The Model, collections and forms

Lesson 6 – Create a plugin in the backend

Lesson 7 – The magento admin grid

Lesson 8 – Rewrite / modify a magento block

Lesson 9 – Rewrite / modify a magento model

Lesson 10 – Rewrite / modify a magento controller

Lesson 11 – Events and Observers in magento

Lesson 12 – The Helpers

Lesson 14 – Make an update of your plugin

Lesson 15 – Translate your Magento plugin, the Internationalization

Step by step, i will complete this tutorial. If you have any suggestions, please tell me ! i love to talk with you guys ;) . Help me to make this tutorial be famous, send it on facebook, twitter, and other you !

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Omri # 7 novembre, 2011


Does your tutorial also covers magento go?

# 10 novembre, 2011 admin

@Omri: Yes, i thinks magento plugin developpement is the same for magentoGO and magento ;)

kk # 26 novembre, 2011

hello can you upload the complete code ? and can extend it for custom api, magento 1.6

# 29 novembre, 2011 Pierre FAY

Hi KK ! ;) no i’ll not upload the complete code, it’s a tutorial, you have to make it by yourself to really understand how it works. it would be too easy to copy this without trying to understand. Sorry KK ^_^

Patsy # 5 décembre, 2011

Glad I’ve flinlay found something I agree with!

# 3 janvier, 2012 onkar


Thanks for this. I was searching for this for long time.
Today I will try this.


nice article # 20 janvier, 2012

nice article

# 24 janvier, 2012 Jimmy

It seems the link of Lesson 10 – Rewrite / modify a magento controller is broken?

AnupqunA # 31 janvier, 2012

I like it.U have done a great job. Thanks for it.

# 3 février, 2012 Rao

nice tutorials, please also explain how to make dynamic breadcrumbs for this custom module.
thank you

christin # 9 février, 2012

Hi Pierre!,

Its awesome for the beginners to know the structure. Thanks for your time to make this for us. It is very useful.


# 16 février, 2012 kashif

This is very nice tutorial,

Sam # 20 février, 2012


I would love to see a tutorial that works on loading dependent data in a tab.

For example.. a Product Favorites module.

One table has the list of favorites and another tables has products for each favorite list.

Its more like adding another dimension to your Admin Grid tutorial

# 24 février, 2012 Pierre FAY

@jimmy it’s because i’ve not already write it…but it will come soon i promise ;)

m4k # 26 mars, 2012

nice work dude !

# 13 juin, 2012 Zettt

very nice tutorial. it helps me a lot, thanks. but what is with lesson 10? are you planning to release it in time?

Jim # 6 juillet, 2012

Great tutorials! I’m new to Magento and it’s helping a lot!

About #10 – the Magento controller tute – any time soon?? ;)

# 25 juillet, 2012 siddesh

Nice One dude..!! keep rocking

Sandy # 25 juillet, 2012

hi. this is really nice tutorial. Finally I was able to create my own module in magento.

But still I have one query.
I want to add view shopping link in manage customer’s grid. I am able to insert the column in grid but not able to view the shoppings done by that particular customer. please let me know how can I achieve this task.

Thank You.

# 28 juillet, 2012 naveen

how can i add a page in a magento admin tool

Manmeet # 5 septembre, 2012

Please update the link for « Lesson 10″. Nice tutorial.

# 9 septembre, 2012 Teles

what is with lesson 10?

Aamir # 17 septembre, 2012

It’s a really very informative information. It’s very useful and knowledgeable for me. I will bookmark this page and come soon to see the updates.

# 27 octobre, 2012 fabricion

Hello Pierre!,

Valeu cara! Muito legal essa sua iniciativa! Receba agradecimento e saiba que tem leitores no BRASIL!
(Merci mec! Très cool que votre initiative! Recevez notre gratitude et je sais que vous avez adeptes au Brésil! )

Fawaz # 12 novembre, 2012

Thanks a lot, man. I really appreciate your effort for the (hello) world.

Regards :)

# 16 novembre, 2012 mizandeveloper

Thx a lot.Its a great tutorial.keep it up…

rabiul # 16 novembre, 2012

Nice tutorials, please also explain how to make dynamic breadcrumbs for this custom module.
thank you!!!

# 13 décembre, 2012 shivraj

Very nice to understand many concepts cleared from this tutorial

EE # 10 janvier, 2013

Nice tutorial

# 17 janvier, 2013 Pankaj Gupta

This is the exact that kind of tutorial for which i was looking for from many days.

Can u ensure this code is compatible to magento 1.7.x series because currently it is using.

And tutorial have nothing missing if i will follow it . then it will work fine becuse i have already readed many broken tutrials

Thanks a lot

trangxt # 18 janvier, 2013

thank you so much !!!!

# 9 février, 2013 swathi

Thanks for tutorial and it’s helping a lot .

Mariya Davis # 12 février, 2013

Your tutorial is very good.I like it.Really lovable one.

# 24 avril, 2013 nathan


Nice tutorial for magento. I am working in magento version. its not working in this version. advice me…

phuongthengocdtt # 3 mai, 2013


# 15 mai, 2013 Priyank

awesome tutorial bro… I am felling I know the whole magento now… Great work.. Tnx a lot

Dhaval # 22 juin, 2013

Thx a lot.Its a very nice tutorial ………..!

# 20 septembre, 2013 karim

very nice tutorial

Neyam # 14 novembre, 2013

Nice tutorials!!!!
Ceep it up buddy:-)

# 14 novembre, 2013 Neyam

Nice tutorials!!!!
Keep it up buddy:-)

Anonymous # 5 janvier, 2014

Very good work !

# 7 avril, 2014 Richard

Thanks great tutorial going through it slowly!

Jack # 24 avril, 2014

Great work! nice tut ….keep going

# 8 mai, 2014 Alok

All the lession of very nice. Those lession are help to understanding the flow of magento. Thank you sir

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