A Magento Store for 15$ by month ?

12 décembre 2011

More documentation, no computer things to manage, but Magento as well !

How many clients come to me with an ecommerce project and a « small budget » wich not permit us to have an ecommerce website on magento. They then usually fall back on a freelance wich will do the minimum for cheap… ie install a magento template and take 2000€ with a poor return on investment.

If you understand English, watch this little video:

it’s all over!

Now with a budget of 600$ you can have an ecommerce site in Magento configured with full payment methods and delivery methods that go well for you and your clients … and you can still stay 300$ for your marketing campaign budget (not to be overlooked). In addition to this, you will not have to worry about security, and no worries of slow on your site … basically it’s the perfect solution for budget of less than 15 000$ (which will give you a store that is much more … for 15$ /month) to this price the freelance magento and small agencies that just do the minimum for their client (installation and configuration of Magento) have to worry about their business!

So we here are my friends, I present to you Magento Go! The SaaS Magento solution. Basically it’s a shop that you rent and it is hosted directly by magento.

Which benefits

  • Price
    The price is a strong argument for many customers, 15$ (11€) per month for the first offer…even if I could make my own ecommerce store, I think if I run a business (and i will) I will use this platform first (and by first I mean … the first years until I have an interest in spending a lot of time and money to make my own magento website).
  • Security
    Your store is hosted by Magento directly, there are many people who ensure the security of your shop and you will not be hacked because everything has been studied by magento experts (from magento enterprise themselves) and leading experts of ecommerce.
  • The possibility for your customers to have more methods of payment?
    MagentoGo already includes a number of payment methods that you might not have with a so little budget. It’s really a plus for your customers to use the payment method he prefer to be comfortable during the purchase process.
  • modes of delivery
    As payment methods, Magento ecommerce specialists have integrated many payment methods that allow the customer to feel secure when paying and being comfortable in your store.
  • The availability of your site, speed
    Sincerely … a shop made by Magento, and hosted by themselves … you can imagine, it will turn « the fire of God » as they say and it will be optimized for the highest performance possible.
  • Ease of use
    With MagentoGo you are guided not only by a help menu at the top of your interface, the menu is very well done and very convenient to use but you also have access to a book in pdf and a knowledge base with Hundreds of tutorials to explain step by step each operation you can do in your shop.
  • The number of features?
    The amount of functionality is the same as in magento … it’s huge. You have all the main features of a professional ecommerce store (crosselling, upselling, inventory, shipments, invoices, orders, customers, products simple, configurable products, downloadable products).
  • Customizing your store?
    6 graphical themes are proposed by default, they are more than adequate to start a business on the net and allow you to offer your customers a pleasant interface and a customer account that will allow them to see their orders, to subscribe to your newsletter etc. … If you really want to customize your shop more, you can edit the CSS thanks to the extensive editor is proposed …. but you will use this only if you are a minimum geek xD

What inconvégnients

Uh … by a few sentences sometimes poorly translated and that you must pay what is still normal because you are opening a store online … (online store, but still a store … View Article Previous (in french): why a site is expensive ecommerce )

one month free trial ?….sincerely ?

On top of that for you to try the solution, Magento offers 30 days free trial and no strings attached (yeah yeah no jokes !! here … we are not at SFR ^ ^ ) . If later you want to continue using your magento shop online, you just have to register and pay a registration … which will cost the equivalent of two sandwish by month.

I think for ROI (Return on Investment) rapidly to 17-30 $ / month in the first months of his ecommerce store … it’s not a bad strategy. Basically you do a sale and you pay your online store for the entire month (or you don’t eat two sandwish and it’s ok!).

I can already hear « Where can i apply ? «  » Me too? «  » yeahhhhh me too! «  » I want to try it but where must i go ?

First start by watching this video introduction, she is pretty and it’s relaxing:

Second, click here: to create you free online store on magento for one month.

If you do this month trial , please put a comment to tell me what you think about it … if you have questions do not hesitate ;)

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