VueJS training

Easily master responsive javascript

This tutorial suite will allow frontend developers to train from A to Z on the javascript framework vueJS. This viewjs training is available to all developers. It will show how to install Vuejs and how to learn to develop with this magnificent javascript framework easy and fast to take in hand. You will see throughout this training how to create an application. You will first install your development environment and then you will do 2 small exercises to understand the framework globally. You will then discover each component little by little, what is an instance viewJS, what are the different properties, how to use the functions that you used to use on other frameworks.

Prerequisites This training requires notions of algorithms (if, for, ...), notions of JavaScript and notions of object-oriented programming.
Lesson 1 Discovery and install of VueJS 30 min
Lesson 2 Edit our first VueJS app 30 min
Lesson 3 Helloworld tutorial with VueJS 30 min
Lesson 4 Variables and Properties under VueJS 30 min
Lesson 5 Templates, loops and conditions with VueJS 30 min
Lesson 6 The VueJS events 20 min
Lesson 7 Uploading an image via a REST API with Symfony 3 and Javascript Members Only premium0 min
Total : 170 min