Magento2 Training

Learn magento2 through simple tutorials

This magento2 training for the developer is intended for experienced php developers. It allows you to have the basics to create a module under magento2. You will discover in this training how to create a module from A to Z through this guide of the developer magento2, you create a contact management extension, this red wire allows you to progress on magento2 by learning about a concrete case. This training is ideal and you are interested in a team of php e-commerce developers working on magento2 . (This course is currently being written)

  • Mastering object-oriented PHP
  • Master HTML and CSS
  • How to read an XML file
Lesson 1 How to install Magento2 23 min
Lesson 2 How to create a controller and its actions in Magento2 23 min
Lesson 3 How to create a view for our Magento2 module ? 21 min
Lesson 4 Create a block in magento2 20 min
Lesson 5 Install and Upgrade a Magento2 Module (setup) 20 min
Lesson 6 Create an admin interface under magento2 20 min
Lesson 7 Create a Magento2 model and database 20 min
Lesson 8 Create a uiComponent listing (grid) in the magento2 admin 30 min
Lesson 9 The form (uiComponent) of the backend and the CRUD in magento2 admin 30 min
Lesson 10 View our collection in our block template magento2 20 min
Lesson 11 Overloading a native magento2 class (Model, Block, Helper, Action ...) 20 min
Lesson 12 The Event Observer Mechanisms under Magento2 30 min
Lesson 13 The Helpers under magento2 Members Only premium20 min
Lesson 14 Add a configuration field in the magento2 admin Members Only premium30 min
Lesson 15 Static and dynamic translations under magento2 Members Only premium30 min
Lesson 16 Security: How to restrict access to my module via Magento2 ACLs Members Only premium30 min
Lesson 17 Cookies, sessions and registry under Magento2 Members Only premium30 min
Lesson 18 Add a step in the checkout of magento2 Members Only premium20 min
Lesson 19 My images are not at the right size in the list pages, what can I do? 10 min
Lesson 20 Find the admin url of magento2 2 min
Total : 449 min