Magento training

Training magento 1.x

The "Magento Developer" Training allows a PHP developer to learn the basics needed to integrate quickly in a team of magento developers. At the end of this training, you will have the foundation needed to develop on magento and autonomy on simple subjects. Your knowledge will allows you seeking the right informations to become independent on more complex topics. This training is very accessible for a developer if you have the basics and if you master PHP object oriented.

Throughout the training, we will create a module that will allow you to manage a basic "movies" database. This tutorial will help you acquire the necessary foundation to develop a Magento module from A to Z. If you are new on magento, I suggest you to read the lessons in order without skipping chapters because you'll need the concepts contained in the first chapters to be able to address the following. If you are an experienced developer, this course will guide you or any memo along your adventure with magento. It will allow you to take a quick look when you will not know where to start.

Prerequisites Before you jump into the magento adventure already check that you have strong PHP programming bases. To develop under magento and power peacefully this training you will need to:

  • have already installed Magento.
  • know what the MVC pattern is.
  • know the object-oriented PHP (and of course ... PHP basics)
Lesson 1 The structure of a magento plugin 4 min
Lesson 2 Create a magento controller 9 min
Lesson 3 Create a block in magento 14 min
Lesson 4 The Model and the database 17 min
Lesson 5 Model, collections and forms 22 min
Lesson 6 Create a backend module on the backoffice 16 min
Lesson 7 The magento admin grid 20 min
Lesson 8 Rewrite a native magento block 7 min
Lesson 9 Rewrite a native magento Model 5 min
Lesson 10 Rewrite a native magento controller tutorial 7 min
Lesson 11 The Events and Observers in Magento 9 min
Lesson 12 How to use Helpers in Magento 4 min
Lesson 13 Add fields in System Configuration Magento Members Only premium14 min
Lesson 14 Setup magento : update your module easily Members Only premium11 min
Lesson 15 Internationalization: translate your Magento module Members Only premium7 min
Lesson 16 Secure your setups with Commit, Rollback ans create a table using object Members Only premium14 min
Lesson 17 Attribute, Attributeset, AttributeGroup and attribute Option in Magento Members Only premium18 min
Lesson 18 Add tinyMCE field in my administration form Members Only premium4 min
Lesson 19 Add an attribute in the Customer magento grid and CSV export and EXCEL Members Only premium11 min
Lesson 20 Add a product attribute in the item Cart product Members Only premium8 min
Lesson 21 Set up a magento theme for iphone, ipad, android or tablet ... Members Only premium6 min
Lesson 22 Add a personal attribute in the magento admin products grid Members Only premium4 min
Lesson 23 Training for certification : Index.php the beginning of everything Members Only premium20 min
Lesson 24 Loading config files and declaration of the magento modules Members Only premium20 min
Lesson 25 How magento finds its files? Members Only premium20 min
Total : 291 min